Friday, May 20, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger faces second adultery claim Gigi Jeffers (aka Gigi Goyette) said Arnold started their affair whenshe was 16

Already one former actress has claimed she had a tryst with the actor/stud/politician. One Gigi Jeffers (aka Gigi Goyette) claims she was a tender 16-year-old acting in Little House on the Prairie in 1975 when Arnold had his way with her.

That was before he married Kennedy scion Maria Shriver. Then it all gets a little sticky. E! Online says Gigi claims to have had an encore engagement with Arnold around 1989, three years after he married Maria.
It goes on to say that Arnold coughed up about $20,000 in 2003 to ensure Gigi didn't blab about their coupling during his run for California governor in 2003. (The site also mentions that the former body-builder has been cruelly disinvited from attending the opening of a Singapore theme park this weekend, thanks to the sexcapade scandal.)

Like many celeb squeezes before her, Gigi has hired lawyer-to-the-stars Gloria Allred to represent her. You may remember Allred as the beagle behind many of Tiger Woods' extramarital objects of affection.

We wonder if Maria knows what she unleashed when she confronted housekeeper Mildred Baena over hubbie's love child.

We can only speculate how many other gals will spill some salacious beans about Arnie in the coming days. Double figures anyone?


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