Thursday, May 19, 2011

DSK granted $1 mln bail and given home detention

BEIJING, May 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been formally indicted on charges that he sexually abused a hotel maid. At a court hearing on Thursday, he was also granted a one-million-dollar bail and given home detention.

New York State Supreme Court Judge Michael Obus approved the bail, but paperwork for Strauss-Kahn's release will not be signed until Friday.

This means the former IMF chief has to spend one more night in jail.

The bail terms set for Strauss-Kahn include $1 million US dollars in cash, home detention and electronic monitoring in New York.

The judge also said Strauss-Kahn must have one armed guard at all times at his own expense and have a 5 million dollar insurance bond.

Obus also set an arraignment hearing for June 6, when Strauss-Kahn will formally answer charges.

Prosecutors had opposed bail and told the judge during the hearing that Strauss-Kahn has "the personal, political and financial means to flee." They said no bail package would be enough to insure he would return to court.

In a letter announcing his resignation from the IMF on Wednesday, Strauss-Kahn strongly denied charges of a criminal sexual act, attempted rape, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching.

If convicted, the former IMF managing director faces up to 25 years in prison.


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