Sunday, May 22, 2011


Now I didn't come upon this name until yesterday looking at all the Cannes Film Festival pictures from this past week. Looking at all the photographs of her, she absolutely stunned on the red carpet.

To give you some background on her, Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to stardom for her supporting role in the Taiwanese sitcom Princess Pearl which helped pave the way to many other roles. Due to her success as an actress, she started appearing on many magazine covers and became spokesperson for commercial brands.

Fan then started her own studio called Fan Bingbing Workshop and an arts school. Within this she became the leader of the acting team of West Movie Group arts center where she was referred to as "China's Monica Bellucci."

Fan Bingbing made her first Cannes appearance last year, but this year she was here to promote her new film My Way. She is "esteemed for her white skin, big eyes, pointed chin and her notable nose... these features are actually beauty standards which are becoming more popular in China only in recent decades". Whatever it is, she looks like a blooming flower that is surely to get noticed in all of the international markets.

BO KEWEN: this red crane dress from up-and-coming Chinese designer Bo Kewen called out Asian persuasion at the Opening Ceremony.

ATELIER VERSACE: this shades of purple strapless gown fits Fan perfectly at "The Artist" premiere, showing off her demure nature.

ELIE SAAB COUTURE: she looks like an angel in this white gown at the "Polisse" premiere. Every detail of the entire look is put together perfectly without looking overdone.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: how fitting of her to wear this lime green gown at the "Tree of Life" premiere. Her coral lips pop with the lime color to give a fresh look.

ELIE SAAB COUTURE: I love how she tones it down for her own film "My Way" by wearing a dark red gown that is simple and chic as if not to take attention away from the movie itself.

It's undeniable that Fan Bingbing's talent and beauty will soar into international markets, especially in the heart of Hollywood...look out for Fan Bingbing!!!

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