Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lost and found: Janice Dickinson's false teeth

Former America's Next Top Model judge and Celebrity Rehab patient Janice Dickinson avoided a crisis when she was able to scrounge up her false teeth after losing them at a Southampton restaurant. Say what?

It's not her mind that Janice Dickinson lost, but rather her teeth. While dining at the posh Southampton restaurant Sant Ambroeus, the former model/reality show judge/rehab patient misplaced two of her false teeth.

Dickinson was having lunch with a friend when she removed two of her temporary teeth and put them in a napkin, Page Six reported. "I was so excited talking to [my friend] that I put my teeth in my napkin, and then I couldn't find them! Did they fall into the soup? These things are so expensive they could feed a small village," Dickinson said.

Not one to be wasteful, Dickinson hit the deck and began scrounging around under the restaurant table --or, as she said, "diving underthe table like a porpoise" -- in a frantic effort to locate her missing teeth.


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