Friday, May 20, 2011

Why do you seek the living among the dead alert: Bin Laden is still alive and America's got him, say top TV newsman.

Publication: National Examiner
Date: 30 May 2011

The gossip rags are still going on about Osama Bin Laden, which is to say the dogs in the AMI kennel are still barking about it, more specifically the mangiest of the dogs, the Sun and the low rent Examiner. The low rent Examiner says that a "top TV newsman" says the elite squad who raided Osama's compound took him alive and are now getting vital intelligence out of him.

Who does the low rent Examiner consider a "top TV newsman"? Glenn Beck, the lunatic conspiracy theorist who even Fox News had to fire.

Stay classy, low rent Examiner!

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