Saturday, June 4, 2011

Actresses Rachel McAdams, Mischa Barton and Mena Suvari: The rise of blondarexia: Latest hair craze

You need to be pretty brave to follow most fashion trends these days - whether it's cut out dresses, bare midriffs or thigh-high split skirts.

But the latest beauty craze - bleaching your hair so much it is practically white - has undesirable longer term effects.

Blondarexia, or, as the Urban Dictionary defines it: 'Being so addicted to bleaching your hair that it's almost white, flat, monochromatic, and burnt to a frizzle,' is spreading.

Rachel McAdams, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and Mena Suvari have all been spotted with pale blonde locks recently.

Jennifer Aniston first drew attention to the craze back in February. Her brassy locks surprised fans who are used to seeing her looking immaculate.

Until Jennifer tried out the look, its most loyal followers were reality TV stars and Lady Gaga - but the eccentric popstar sensibly wears her white hair in wig form.

Rachel McAdams turned heads with her newly-bleached locks in Cannes last month where she was promoting Woody Allen's film Midnight in Paris.

Misha Barton is also a recent convert. She went just a little too white during a dye-job before stepping out at Pia Mishi's website launch on Wednesday night.

And Mena Suvari displayed all the signs of a blondarexia sufferer as she walked around Beverly Hills this week.

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