Wednesday, June 8, 2011


BALMAIN is a fashion house created by French designer Pierre Balmain known for sophistication and elegance in 1945. The house at first started off showcasing long bell-shaped skirts with small waists that became popular as Dior's new look. In 1951, he opened branches in the U.S. selling ready to wear clothes. During the 50's he popularized the stole for day and evening wear as well as sheath dresses beneath jackets. Balmain's talent lay in his ability to make grand evening gowns and simple tailored suits using slender and elegant lines.

Passing away in 1982, Balmain's designs, most notably his vintage couture gowns still remain popular amongst the international jet-setters, movie stars, and socially prominent women. After his death, the house was taken over by Erik Mortensen and Oscar de la Renta [1993-2001] who brought classic, luxurious designs. Until 2011, the house was led by Christophe Decarnin who brought a more modern and edgier take. This past April of this year, Olivier Rousteing took over Balmain.

Seeing his designs make an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday made me intrigued to find out who this designer was. Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester, and Mila Kunis wore his designs that night. What is also popular are the Balmain jackets that are military styled, very Michael Jackson-esque seen on Beyonce and Rihanna. Looking at his beautiful designs that have inspired designers after him, make me one day dream to wear one of the famous designs, I would be completely honored.

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