Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dustin Zito: Real World Las Vegas 2011 Star Gay Porn (Videos)

Dustin Zito of the Real World Las Vegas 2011 Has a Bit of a Secret. He Worked In Gay Porn. Here are Some Dustin Zito Videos

The new season of Real World: Back To Las Vegas debuted on March 9, 2011 and it featured pretty much what you expected: 20-somethings getting drunk and hooking up.

One thing you can always expect from the Real World is some sort of sexual-orientation angle. We've seen plenty of gay, straight, lesbian and bisexual housemates over the years.

Real World Las Vegas 2011 cast member Dustin Zito threw in a new wrinkle: he is straight but admits to having done gay porn.

Dustin Zito claims to have been featured on websites with names like and, which featured “an uncensored look at a house of attractive guys living together.”

Such a revelation hasn't seemed to hurt his dating life. In the Real World Las Vegas 2011 season opener, Dustin Zito hooked up with roommate Heather.

Zito isn't the first MTV personality with a gay porn past. Former MTV VJ Simon Rex admitted to performing gay videos.

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