Friday, June 10, 2011

Emotional Atyachar 3

The show that brings out the rawest of emotions out in the open is back, as Emotional Atychaar – Season 3’s first episode promises to be packed with a drama at a definitive high. The show pioneered in reality television as it bought out a reflection of the today’s society and its many dimensions.

Joining in the alert Emotional Atyachaar Team (EAT) this season is the guest co-host, Ajay Devgn who comes in sharing his expertise and makes people beware of cheating! The first episode is the story of Aayush who has been dating Neha for the past year and half. Love seems to be in abundance for Aayush since he is by the side of Neha despite of his friends and well wishers alerting him of Neha’s suspicious behavior.

Aayush approaches the EAT(Emotional Atyachaar Team) and reveals that he has attempted to break up with Neha in the past but failed as her brother Ansh threatened to give up his life if he happens to hurt his sister. Now mustering the courage Aayush agrees to do the loyalty test on Neha.

For the first time on the show a loyalty test is conducted at initial stages without an undercover agent where it is soon revealed at a mock audition that Neha has been dating Aayush’s best friend Himanshu. Not only that, she also reveals another bigger secret of dating another guy Suraj who she claims to have been seeing for past 3 years. Suraj accompanies her to the auditions and gets rejected where in an undercover agent Nawab is introduced to her. Within no time she gets comfortable with him and gets closer to him. All this while Ajay Devgn is the one who’s constantly with the team keeping a track of the on goings of the case and keeps advising Pravesh as to what needs to be done next. He readies the team of what’s to come next in their way.

All this is revealed to Aayush where he comes in to witness the truth along with Himanshu.

What will happen when Aayush finds out that his own friend has been dating his girlfriend? How will Neha justify her doings when her truth of her triple dating is revealed? Will Aayush be able to withstand the truth coming his way?

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