Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fathers Day Gifts

If you’re looking for something fun, creative and easy to put together for Father’s Day, think outside the conventional construction paper card. There’s nothing wrong with a simple loving message, but kids can show their love along with their creativity, resourcefulness and talent in other ways. Check out some neat ideas for a heartfelt — and useful — homemade gift for Dad.
For the Fashionable Father:
Put a little personality in his wardrobe with a personally decorated apron, complete with a silly saying and some playful designs. Every king of the ‘cue should have a suitable uniform, so find a white apron and some fabric paint and let the kids decorate it to their heart’s content. Dad can proudly show off his unique gift and stay clean every time he fires up the grill.
For something that’s practical and inventive, raid the back of the closet for an old, forgotten tie.  With some scissors, a little glue and a Velcro tab, you can create a brand new sunglasses case that’s soft and snug enough to protect Dad’s stylish shades. If you need some guidance, a quick online search will lead you to specific instructions.
For the Gourmet Guy:
If Dad’s a self-proclaimed foodie, feed his need for his favorite treats. Make a homemade menu (laminate it if you’d like for a special touch) with a few tasty choices, and offer to “take a reservation” for an evening in the coming weeks. This is a great way for the kids to cook a gourmet meal for dad, transform the dining room table into a 5-star restaurant and really make him feel like a king!
Does Daddy dig dessert? Bake a batch of his favorite cookies to go, with a cylindrical chip can that’s been cleaned and decorated with a collage of pictures or a colorful painted design. Not only is this a quick and easy craft, the reusable container keeps the snacks intact no matter where they go!
For the Handyman and his Helper:
There’s always something to be fixed around the house, and every Dad has a few tried-and-true tools close at hand. Why not add a touch of color and creativity by painting or monogramming the handle of a hammer, screwdriver or wrench? These sturdy tools are built to last a long time, and you can bet that Dad will smile whenever a picture needs hanging or a screw needs tightening.
Now, if Dad’s handyman skills are rubbing off on the rest of the household, you could find a project that will be fun for kids and Dad to work on together. From a DIY birdhouse to an impressively sophisticated clock radio, there are plenty of gadget building kits that range in difficulty and intricacy for different interests and age groups. If Dad is a hands-on kind of guy, he’s sure to appreciate the challenge and opportunity to learn with his kids.

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