Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

KISS star Gene Simmons and his longtime live-in love Shannon Tweed have been making the talk show rounds to promote the upcoming season of their reality television show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and in the wake of last week's verbal beat-down from Chelsea Handler, Simmons endured another televised humiliation yesterday as Tweed toldToday show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that the couple's 28-year relationship "is pretty much unraveled."
Simmons has been candid about his many infidelities, claming to have bedded more than 4600 women during his touring career with KISS, while Tweed has always maintained that his boasting is merely a public stance that he takes to enhance his image as a rock star. But in 2008 a sex tape featuring Simmons and model Traci Anna Koval leaked onto the Internet, and Tweed said Monday that she has held it together with Simmons for so many years for the sake of their two children, adding, "Those last two were a bitch."
Promotional clips from the upcoming season show Tweed confronting Simmons with yet another round of online pictures showing him with several young models, which he tries to shrug off, prompting her to pack and leave.
Asked Monday about the women in the photo, Simmons replied that he didn't know them previously, prompting Tweed to cut in, "Please . . . what he means is he didn't know their names."
"Did you have a fling with those girls, or was it just a picture?" Hoda Kotb asked Simmons outright.
"He's had a fling with many girls," Tweed answered, again cutting in while Simmons just sat there, visibly uncomfortable. He finally tried to explain himself, saying, "It's clear that men . . ."
"Please don't lump yourself in with . . ." Tweed cut him off again. "Other men are good," she continued, causing him to wince.
"Oh God," he said, "I'm so happy to be here."
"Didn't you know what you were getting into?" Gifford asked Tweed.
"You know what your mate tells you to be true," Tweed responded. "If somebody tells you something, you believe them or you don't believe them, and you go forward."
Asked outright if the upcoming season of the show will depict their relationship coming apart, Tweed said, "Well, you'll see. I don't want to give away everything, but it's not looking great."

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