Friday, June 10, 2011

Imogen Thomas 'blackmailed' superinjunction footballer, judge says

The model Imogen Thomas's legal fight to name the married footballer with whom she had an affair took a dramatic twist when she found herself accused of allegedly blackmailing the man with demands for first £50,000 and then £100,000.

At the high court in London, Mr Justice Eady – explaining why he had granted an injunction preventing the naming of the footballer last month – said there was "ample reason not to trust" Thomas, 28, in an eight-page judgment that allowed some details of her dealings with the footballer to be made public.

The judge noted that evidence before the court on 14 April "appeared strongly to suggest that the claimant [the anonymous footballer] was being blackmailed" – although he did not reach a final conclusion on the point. Thomas denies the allegation.


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