Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Everywhere you look, networks are showing reality television. Say so long to the news which was everyone's first taste of reality, and look for reality shows to get you in tuned with the biggest stories of the day.

Many would like to argue that MTV's The Real World which debuted in 1992 was the first of its kind featuring seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. The concept was intriguing because there was no scripted dialogue, just viewers peering into the lives of people they don't know. The formula for this new take on reality helped paved the way for many reality shows to date. It seems that nowadays, reality shows are overtaking the sitcom shown on daily television because not only can it be more interesting with all the drama that is featured, but it's less costly to networks. Stars of reality shows are not professionals, so they don't need to be paid a professional salary per season, or a certain amount of money per episode until they really hit it big.

I admit, I am a person who loves watching reality shows and yes I do not watch any sitcoms at all...well maybe just one: Degrassi. If you know me, you would know that I watch four major networks: E!, Bravo, VH1, and MTV. So what if I watch all the seasons of The Real Housewives, Fantasy Factory, Teen Mom, or Basketball Wives?! Many would argue that the reason why I do enjoy watching these shows is because I want to live that lavish lifestyle, but I don't and there's really no explanation. I like what I like and that's it.

Sure sometimes when I catch myself glued to the television for a few hours to watch all the reality shows on different networks, I feel pretty dumb knowing I took time out of my day to catch every episode. That's why I started taking up reading again to make sure I get the right balance of television and mental stimulation. Of course there are educational programs featured on television, but I don't go looking for them if I'm not interested. I can't help being attracted to entertainment in all aspects, and I feel that blogging daily keeps the brain juices flowing as well.

So is reality television making us dumber as a human race? I don't think anything is wrong with watching it unless you factor it into your life. For instance, many people are obsessed with The Kardashians and the Jersey Shore cast. There should be a level of boundaries of liking reality TV and being obsessed about people who are just like you and me. One thing to keep in mind is that reality stars don't have special talents, because they aren't professionals. We, the viewers are the ones making these stars into celebrities, so it's all in our hands when you think about it.

Haven't you noticed that reality shows are repeating themselves too? Like how many singing/dancing competitions can you have? Or fashion styling/designing competitions? Or football/hip-hop/basketball wives? Or weightloss/extreme makeover? Or housewives/househusbands? Show creators keep creating these shows because they know the American public will feed into it. With an economy that's not so great right now leaving many unemployed, it's no wonder that reality shows are very popular among the masses because it not only paints a facade for how we want our lives to be like, but it gives us hope that we can escape our problems and succeed in life.

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