Monday, June 13, 2011

San Antonio

There’s nothing better than a beauty queen fight to start our work week. This one went all the way to aCourt judgment in favor of Miss (sic) San Antonio who claimed she’d been unfarily stripped of her title because of her weight and her public appearances schedule.
So much for all those beauty pageant assurances that these contests are based more on leadership, poise, and accomplishment than they are on traditional western notions of beauty.
Weight indeed.
Do you see anything in Miss (sic) San Antonio’s photo that leads you to believe she should be rushed over to a Jenny Craig or Weight WatchersEmergency Ward or triaged for Lap-Band Surgery?
But I digress.
After Miss (sic) San Antonio’s crown was restored to her by court fiat, the Miss (sic) Texas Pageant negotiated a resolution that could have saved everyone the time, money, and anguish associated with court proceedings. The San Antonio franchise  restored the crown to Ramirez and assigned another title to the runner-up who was installed in her place during court proceedings.
That runner-up has now been de-crowned as Miss (sic) San Antonio andre-crowned Miss (sic) Bexar County.
Aren’t you glad that’s all been cleared up? You can carry on with your day now.

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