Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tito Ortiz Nude Photo Leaked; Another Hack Job?


Twitter fans of Tito Ortiz got an eyeful Thursday afternoon when a full frontal nude pic appeared on the photo stream connected to the mixed martial artist's official account.

The Tito Ortiz nude photo, seen here in part, shows the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion in what appears to be a log cabin without a single stitch of clothing on. While some have said the photo looks fake, others chalk up the blurry appearance to the use of a cell phone camera.

In response to the nude photo's mysterious online appearance, Tito tweeted, "Someone hack my [expletive] phone." The 36-year-old later added, "Sorry people."

Tito began dating former porn star Jenna Jameson in 2006. The pair are parents to twin boys Jesse James and Journey Jett, now two years old. He also has a son named Jacob from a previous marriage.

The father of three was on his way to his recently opened Punishment Training Center when the Tito Ortiz nude photo first surfaced. While Tito seems terribly embarrassed over the whole thing, over an hour since posting that he had been hacked the full pic remains visible in his photo stream.

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