Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All over the news, you can't get enough of Congressman Anthony Weiner who got caught sexting different women pictures of himself which included sexual messages. What's disturbing is that he is married to Huma Abedin, a longtime personal aide of Hilary Clinton who is through this difficult time standing by her Democrat congressman husband. Looking at the pictures of a shirtless Weiner is not only disturbing, but it's worse when you see in the background pictures of his family, wife, and former President Bill Clinton!

Let me tell you that this Weiner does not discriminate. So far, 6 women have come out admitting they have had a cyber relationship with Mr. Weiner over the past 3 years. It began with a picture being sent to Gennette Nicole Cordova, a Seattle college student which Weiner insisted was a "prank" and that he did not send any photos to her. But then Lisa Weiss, a blackjack dealer from Las Vegas claims that over the span of 9 months she got over 200 sexting messages and even got a call over a congressional use only phone line. Megan Broussard is a single mother from Texas who leaked photos, FB messages, and emails to the press. Ginger Lee is a porn star he sent his "bulging" picture to and urged her to lie about their relationship to the press, offering her professional PR advice.

Which brings up the topic to my main point...IS SEXTING CHEATING?! Though Congressman Weiner admits to sexting but never doing anything physical with these women, any type of relationship other than the one you're in is considered cheating. Marriage therapist Eli Karam says, "What texting does is allow you to get this immediate validation, or fix. You send a picture, you get an immediate response, and you don't have to deal with any face-to-face interaction." Researchers claim that a relationship is a relationship whether you touch that person or not. This type of virtual or "emotional infidelity" can be just as harmful as any physical fling.

Here are some thoughts:

"Would you text it, post it, send it with your spouse/partner looking over your shoulder?" If yes, then it's not infidelity. If no, you're cheating."

"I think the emotional betrayal is just as bad. A married/committed person should not be flirting online -- or in any manner, really. It demonstrates a clear unfaithfulness. You're in a relationship. Act like it."

"I think there's a perception that what you're doing online is somehow not real. But of course it is." The lure of Internet relationships "allow them to escape the responsibilities and pressures of real relationships."

According to a 2004 ABC poll, 64% of adults considered it unfaithful "if a person who's married or in a committed relationship has sex talk in an Internet platform." Psychologist Gail Saltz says, "For men, the sexual act is much more disturbing than anything else. For women, what constitutes a betrayal is any emotional or sexual interaction. A man would be extremely disturbed if his wife/girlfriend did any of this."

DON'T LET FACEBOOK / TWITTER / CHAT / EMAILS RUIN YOUR LIFE AND YOUR PARTNER'S LIFE!!! If you have to do this behind someone's back, then it's considered cheating. How dumb do you have to be if you're in a position of constant press [professional sports/government/celebrity]?! Even though it may seem like your "secret" will never be revealed, it will catch up to you sooner than you expect and it will not be pretty. If you're married or in a committed relationship, ask yourself first "IS IT WORTH IT?!" If it is, then maybe you shouldn't be a relationship with anyone and you should be up front with them. Don't drag them along having them think that they're the only person when they are really not. Sexting or engaging in any "inappropriate" conversation with someone, no matter who they are and where they are from can be damaging to your partner in a way you will never realize. Just think before you act, please.

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