Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angry Birds Free Download

In an interview to TechCrunch, Rovio founder Peter Vestebacka discussed the absurdly successful game. According to him, Angry Birds has been downloaded 250 million times across all platforms. Additionally, it has sold more than three million plush toys and as many as 30 million T-shirts. Later, he also talked about upcoming projects, including Angry Birds Wine & Dine, Angry Birds Magic, and a cookbook.
The cookbook will be targeted (no pun intended) at families and include mostly egg-based recipes. The self-published title is likely to distributed by Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, in both traditional print as well as an ebook app.
The new title Wine And Dine will be focused on pigs - they too deserve a second chance, after all. However, Peter didn't reveal the nature of the gameplay.
Angry Birds Magic will give a "social" flavour to the franchise by using location-based services built into all Angry Birds games. This means you can unlock new experiences depending on where you are playing the game. This sounds similar to the Nokia C7 version of Angry Birds, where the game encourages you to seek out strangers and talk to them. On the C7, the game lets you play the first five levels normally, but later you'll need friends with NFC enabled phones to unlock the rest of the levels. On the other hand, Angry Birds Magic will not be chip-dependant, being supported by almost all recent smartphones.

Going by the frenzy that the Angry Birds franchise has generated, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess that these new additions will also be massive hits.

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