Saturday, July 2, 2011

Art Of Living

A group of young artists, theatrepersons, people from other creative industries and college students have come together to form the Art and Culture for Life Movement. “We want to address social issues and channelise the youth’s energy to contribute to social awareness,” explains Sushma Veer, founder. The group’s first such initiative ‘traffic awareness’, a road rally will be held on July 5 in the city.
“From honking, careless driving, accidents to following lane discipline — these are a few issues that will be addressed. These issues will be dealt with using art as a connective medium,” explains Sushma adding, “From caricatures, sketches to performances and skits, the rally promises to be expressive.”
Students from more than six institutes are coming together for this movement. “It’s a small start, but this is just the beginning. Music, art, literature to other forms will be used to communicate the social message. I’ve done a bit of writing for the event,” says Shrya S, student from Jain University.
Sushma, a producer and a creative director is also the founder of the NGO, Akanksha. “I believe that traffic woes disrupt a normal peaceful life. The ‘street’ is where it happens, and what happens there has an impact on a common man’s life.” Adds Tanima, a student and organiser of the event, “We’re holding a dance performance depicting ‘intrusion of space and peace of mind’. There are many such performances that would be held to create awareness.”
Zian C, an actor, who was last seen in the film I Am, will enact a play. “There is an act where the team will work on a skit, telling people to make Bengaluru a better place,” he says. Sushma adds, “A visual experience always leaves a deeper impact. Through this movement, we will also protect and promote indigenous art forms. The rally starts at the NICE road and moves to the other parts of the city.”

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