Saturday, July 9, 2011

COLONY NIGHTCLUB - The Hamptons in L.A.

I finally went to Colony Nightclub last night, after like over a year of wanting to go there! I knew the style was pretty laid back, but once I got inside the decor was really nice. First of all, 10:30PM is early! There was no one there, the place was basically dead. Things didn't start to get crackin' until 11:30PM-midnight.

So the theme for Colony is set up like what I would imagine the Hamptons to be like - very chic with a beach theme. Right when you walk into the club, there's a big hammock over some water. Since it was early when we arrived, there were plenty of seating areas available. But when it gets later in the night, it's difficult to find a place to go to since the lounge is packed with tables. If you're a guy, better get a for females you should have no problem being taken in with someone who has a table.

The dance area was small, but the people in the club were pretty spread out so it wasn't suffocating. The music playing was very good, combining both old school hip-hop and current, along with the popular techno hits. The great part is that everyone in the place was dancing!!! Everyone looked they were having an amazing time, and this place isn't the type where you need to be drunk to enjoy yourself.

On a Friday night at Colony, you find an older type of crowd mostly consisting of white people. I mean the place became more mixed as the night went on, but they definitely make up the majority. For it being my first time there, Colony was very fun! The people we met were really nice and accommodating, and the vibe was very chill and fun at the same time. You definitely have to check this place out. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

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