Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic-Con adds fans and movie roles

Comic Con trailer for "Nikita" has been made available for viewing pleasure just a day before the convention will be kicked off. Released via E! Online, it teases a new rivalry that will possibly occur between Nikita and her former biggest ally Alex in season 2 now that the two have gone separate ways.

Alex depicter Lyndsy Fonseca has previously hinted that her character will undergo some changes. She revealed Alex will "find an inner strength that we all should be very, very scared of" and that could also be a problem for Nikita and Michael.

"I'm gonna be working a lot more with Amanda (Melinda Clarke). I'm gonna work with division but not for division," she additionally said. "I'm gonna be a little bit more on my own. I'm really just gonna be trying to find the man who ordered the hit on my father. It's gonna be about me trying to find him and get my revenge.

For the publishers, Comic-Con is a media-rich buffet in which to offer up new books, preview upcoming stories, and give away freebies tied into their products.

Mike Pasciullo, senior vice president of brand planning and communications at Marvel, said that while the added mix of TV and film may have shifted the axis of the event away from comics, it’s those 32-page tales that remain the backbone.

“I think there is a perception that comic books do get lost in the shuffle, but the fact that the word ‘comic’ is in the name of the event underscores the fact that comic books always have been and always will be the foundation of the event,’’ Pasciullo said.

Jim Lee, DC’s copublisher, says that while comics remain at the core of Comic-Con, people do come for other reasons and may stumble across the books.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to evangelize and proselytize and seek out new fans, new readers,’’ says Lee, “because a lot of people are coming because of TV shows that have very similar demographics to what we usually get for comic book readers.

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