Monday, July 11, 2011


Currently, the 6th season of Celebrity Rehab is showing on VH1 right now. The season premiere was about two weeks ago. But Dr. Drew has announced that he will be taking a hiatus from the show, meaning Bye-Bye Celebrity Rehab.

"The decision was made to put the show on hiatus because Dr. Drew Pinsky is just too busy to continue to do the show. Dr. Drew can be seen nightly on HLN's Dr. Drew Show, and this fall, has another project he is going to be involved with, Life Changers. In addition to being emotionally grueling, the amount of time Dr. Drew has to commit to treating celebrities is a tremendous amount."

Drew would "absolutely love to revisit doing the show again in the future when he has the time. Dr. Drew really enjoyed doing the show."

I'm actually not surprised to see Dr. Drew taking a break from this show. It's basically about not so popular celebrities who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems. Though the show is interesting to watch, Dr. Drew seems so exhausted every time they show him because he has to deal with these adults who are so hard-headed and who aren't willing to take his advice. How frustrated would you be if you were putting your heart and soul out there to help these people, but they seem unresponsive or unappreciative?! Dr. Drew take your efforts where it is more appreciated, I feel you.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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