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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on show in new Spider-Man trailer

There's a bit of deja vu in seeing a young, fragile loner get bitten by a spider only to realize he's been given superpowers. It's been only nine years since we watched Tobey Maguire do it, and now Andrew Garfield is going through the paces again in this new, apparently leaked trailer for Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man."

It looks as though Sony has taken down the trailer. So if you haven't watched it yet, you'll have to take our word for it. But it should be online officially soon enough And the trailer is now officially available; you can check it out below.

The teaser, which will probably debut properly at this weekend's Comic-Con, begins when a young Peter Parker is abandoned by his parents, then gives way to a somewhat disoriented-looking youth (Garfield) and the fateful accident, before ending with Spider-Man climbing and swinging across rooftops, which we see from his perspective.

If the tone in Sam Raimi's original had a kind of light seriousness, this replicates the feat, minus the light. There is ominous music, moody lighting and serious, cryptic statements like: "We all have secrets. The ones we keep are the ones that are kept from us." If Webb's film is supposed to be more of an everyday coming-of-age high school story, there's not much evidence of it here; the teaser has many of the stylized touches we've come to expect from modern comic-inspired movies.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, at first she remained coy when asked if they actually kiss, by just replying: 'Ummm.'
But after more interrogation, she reportedly smiled when asked if it was fun to kiss Garfield, saying: 'Of course. Oh, he's going to be a great Spider-Man, I'm so excited, I can't wait to see [the film].'
The actress also revealed that there would be plenty of romance in the film.

Superhero: Garfield transforms from nerdy teen to muscle-bound superhero in the new reboot
'Oh there is romance. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely,' she said.
This isn't the first time that the chemistry between Stone and Garfield has been evident in the film.
It was also clear in a recent film still which shows the pair sharing a tender scene in the hotly anticipated movie.
The actress is seen sponging down Garfield, who appears to be suffering from several cuts to his torso.
The actor, who was brought up in Epsom, Surrey, and starred in The Social Network, split from his girlfriend of three years Shannon Woodward back in May, while Stone is said to have broken up with boyfriend Kieran Culkin, fuelling rumours of a new romance.

Background: In the new trailer, which was released online today, uncharted waters relating to Peter Parker's childhood are also explored and he is seen as a young boy
In the new trailer, which was released online today, uncharted waters relating to Peter Parker's childhood are also explored.
The clip shows that the film promises to give viewers an insight into why Parker's parents leave him as a young boy.
At the beginning of the trailer, he is seen as a little boy, his father having a heart-to-heart with him at the front door of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben's home, telling him that he must stay behind.

Troubled past: Parker is forced to explain his past to Stone's father in the film
The young boy questions his father's actions, before seeing both his parents walk away, never to see them again.
Flash-forward to a grown-up Parker, who is a nerdy outsider at a new school.
There he meets Stone's character Stacey, whom he quickly befriends, and is invited to her house for a family dinner.
Over the meal, Stacey's parents query Parker about his past, and an awkward conversation ensues about why he lives with his aunt and uncle, played by Sally Field and Martin Sheen.
Later he is seen visiting Stone at a lab where she works.
While she cautions him not to touch anything, his curiosity get the better of him, and he is bitten by a spider whilst snooping around.
After getting infected with the spider's superhuman venom, Parker's newly acquired abilities are apparent, and we see him leaping to and from tall buildings, and shooting webs out of his body parts.
At the end of the trailer a voice over of Parker is heard, saying: 'We all have secrets; the ones we keep and the ones that have been kept from us.'
Garfield recently talked about how he got into shape for the new film.
'It’s very specific what we’re trying to achieve in terms of body type and the feeling of that,' he has said. 'Rest assured, there’s a lot of people who are helping me with it because I have no discipline in that respect.
'My father’s a swimming coach and I kind of rebelled against that very, very early on so any form of physical discipline has to be really cracked with a really smart whip.'
The actor tells Entertainment Weekly in the interview that he identifies with alter ego Peter Parker, who was last played by Tobey McGuire in the previous three blockbuster films, directed by Sam Raimin and co-starring Kirsten Dunst.

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