Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion: Captain America World Premiere

So it's a movie premiere and there are clothes.





Hayley Atwell in L'Wrenn Scott.

This is Hayley Atwell, in case you didn't know. She's the main female star of this movie, in case you didn't notice because she have been dressing up like she's attending her younger sister's garden-themed wedding party and the only reason she's there is to pick up hot single guys by wearing dresses that flaunts her curves (AHEM, cleavage) and stuff because she's like in her 30s and all her younger sisters have already got married and stuff like that...

Forget action film. How about a rom-com for your next project, Atwell?

Verdict: This is an 'ENH' to me.

Zoe Saldana in Balmain.

Brian Atwood pumps.

Poor Hayley. It's HER big movie screening yet she's overshadowed by Zoe Saldana here. She must be all "Oh f**k. Skinny bitches in super-short shorts and pretty clothes. Gimme a break!"

Anyway, Zoe, as always, look pretty here. I love those printed jacket and matching shorts and I super LOVE LOVE LOVE those heels. Hate the tank top though. I prefer the original one better. And what with that top sticking out of the back of her jacket like that? Tuck-in your clothes properly, young lady!

Verdict: FAB FAB FAB.

Vanessa Hudgens in Farah Khan dress and Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

Poor Baby V here. She said that her new do make her feel like a soccer mom. Well, to be honest, Vanessa, that is one ugly do you're spotting. I know you did it for the sake of a movie but hey, even wigs can look so real nowadays, right Dakota Fanning?

Anyway, I have some advice for you on how to look NOT like a soccer mom.
  1. Cut it shorter. Make it a pixie cut or something. For some reason you're making a right decision cutting your hair short. I'm tired of your long dark waves anyway. Or maybe you can style it in a different way from this one. This kinda styling with that kinda hair length does make you look mumsy.
  2. Don't wear stuff a soccer moms would wear. Like a caftan blouse that SHOULD BE PAIRED WITH A PAIR OF PANTS. You don't want to look like a soccer mom, right? But you know what else that you really don't wanna look like? A soccer mom that got her kids hiding from embarrassment every time she came to her kids' soccer match cause his friend keep saying this to him: "Dude yo momma is SICK HOT!! Woooaaaa!!!" Especially when his friend said this to him in the shower room. Ekh.
  3. And man that wedges is f**king ugly.
Verdict: I pity this girl and respect her at the same time for chopping off her precious lock for her role in a movie. That's what you call a real movie-star guys. Anyway, I still can't tolerate that dress and that wedges so an UGH for her.

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