Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion: Hillary Swank in Tory Burch

I'm not a big fan of summer. Well, we don't have summer here in Malaysia but since it's terribly warm here now and because it's the summer season in most of the 4-season country out there, I'll just imagine the weather is just as terribly warm here as it is there.

But then I saw this picture of Hillary Swank at the Giffoni Film Festival.

This is so summery. But at the same time it look breezy and cool and fun.... If this is a picture of a place, it will be that kinda place that I'll look and say "I wanna go there during the summer."

But lets get to the real deal here.

Hillary Swank in Tory Burch dress and heels at the Giffoni Film Festivals.


I have to put a lot of sunscreen on my eyes just watching that HORROR CREATURE sucking blood on your feet to stop it from burning.

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