Thursday, July 7, 2011

Four Reasons Businesses Should Start Using Facebook Video Chat

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Facebook held a media event Wednesday morning to unveil 'something awesome'. That something awesome is that Facebook is adding a group chat feature, and the ability--in partnership with Skype--to conduct video calls from within Facebook.

1. You are already there.

2. They are already there.

3. Saves time and money.

4. The price is right.

Facebook video chat is limited to one-on-one calls, unlike Google+ Huddles which allow for group video chat, or even group simultaneous watching of YouTube videos. There are certainly some practical business applications for the group aspects of Google+. Hopefully, Facebook will continue to expand on the video chat concept and include a group video chat function at some point. What would really be cool is if Facebook, Google+, Skype, Apple FaceTime, and any other competing video chat platform could all get on the same page so they could all work together, but I won't hold my breath.


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