Thursday, July 21, 2011

'America got it wrong' says Piers Morgan as 'outrageous' male pole dancer reaches semi final of America's Got Talent


Overjoyed: Pole dancer Steven Retchless is thrilled to beat Attack Dance Crew and Geechy Guy to get through to the semi finals

With his striking white glittery outfit and matching hotpants, male pole dancer Steve Retchless certainly stuck in the minds of the public with his performance on America's Got Talent.

The dancer was thrilled when he heard he had beaten comic Geechy Guy and troupe Attack Dance Crew to a place in the semi-finals on tonight's show, much to the disappointment of judge Piers Morgan.

'I think America got it wrong,' said the British host, who last night buzzed out Retchless as he performed his gymnastic routine.

Decision time: The American public liked pole dancer Steven over dance troupe Attack Dance Crew and comedian Geechy Guy

'There’s a reason there are no male pole-dancing clubs in America,' Piers had told him last night, although his fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel were much more impressed.

'Just be yourself' Sharon told him, after Howie had expressed some concern over whether Retchless can 'appeal to middle America' in the semi finals.

'It feels amazing,' said Retchless. 'I'm very happy that I can keep inspiring people.'

Striking: Retchless performed his eye catching act last night but was buzzed out by Piers

No fan: Piers Morgan said the public had got it wrong when they voted though Retchless

Retchless joined three other acts which the judges put through to the semi finals, after last night's less than impressive contest.

Motorcycle stunt team Smage Bros, who impressed all three judges with their daredevil routine scraped through against illusionist act Landon Swank, who seemed to walk through a mirror without breaking it.

Acknowledging it was a difficult choice, Piers ended up voting for Landon, which left Howie and Sharon putting the bikers from Wisconsin through to the next round.

High five: The daredevil stunt bike team Smage Bros are delighted to get through to the next round on tonight's America's Got Talent

Delighted: The trio were delighted when Howeie Mandel put them through over dance troupe Silhouettes

Earlier, the contest saw the dance troupe Silhouettes put through to the semi finals.

Last night, Piers had called their act, which involved manipulating shadows into U.S. landmarks, 'complete genius,' while Howie dubbed them 'unique.'

Several of the younger members of the 42-strong troupe from Denver were in tears as they were given the news that they had beaten juggler Thomas John and novelty act Rhinestone Ropers.

Celebration: Dance troupe Silhouettes celebrate after making it into the semi finals

Overcome: Two of the youngest members of the 42-strong troupe were in tears as the good news broke
Singer Daniel Joseph Baker also clearly made an impression with his rendition of Lady Gaga number Edge of Glory.

He was overjoyed to be put through to the semis, after being selected above Justin Bieber lookalike Dani Shay and singer Dylan Andre.

Sharon had called him 'a natural performer,' while Howie branded the enthusiastic Daniel 'the next Lady GuyGuy.'

Good news: Singer Daniel Joseph Baker was thrilled to be put through for his Lady Gaga number

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