Monday, July 4, 2011

Helen Mirren Is Making Beaches Even More Depressing

Helen Mirrenw, Beaches
Helen Mirren may not think she has a great body, but plenty of others do. She was recently ranked first in the Hottest Women Over 50 list, but scoffed at that fact.

"I do not have a great body," she told "I have a c**p body. Naomi Campbell has a great body. Let's be realistic, here." Realistic or not she and other hot and "older" celebrities like Kim Cattrall and Michele Pfiefer are spurring masses of women who in past generations would be relaxing in their polyester, elastic-waist pants to stay slim and fit instead.

According to a recent Omnibus poll, middle aged women are dieting in record numbers. Of people aged 55-64, more than 70 percent said they were on a diet. Great news as we all know the ill effects of obesity. But these grannies aren't doing it to ward off heart disease and promote longevity, but rather to bust out their bikinis. One-fifth of the dieters said looking good in swimwear was their motivation, and it appears they're pretty motivated. These "silver slimmers" as they've been dubbed, apparently stick to their diets twice as long as those half their age.

Great, just what us younger moms need.

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