Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hollywood is a women's world too people! If you haven't noticed, to be a true Hollywood star not only do you have to act in films, but you get endorsements through products and commercials. Here is the list of the Top 10 Hollywood Actresses who are making $BANK$!!!

10. Meryl Streep $10 million: Her name is ultimate royalty in Hollywood. If she wants something, she's going to get it, enough said.

9. Sandra Bullock $15 million: If you win an Oscar, you are certified Hollywood gold from that moment on. Not to mention how everyone considers her America's Sweetheart.

8. Cameron Diaz $18 million: Even with Bad Teacher out, she is a definite box office success story. No one can get enough of this spunky, good-humored beauty.

7. Katherine Heigl $19 million: Ever since her role in Grey's Anatomy, no matter how out of the spotlight she is, she will always be making some kind of income.

5. Julia Roberts $20 million: She will always be the original America's Sweetheart. When you have friends like Tom Hanks who immediately cast you for roles, there's no denying she can work on anything.

5. Kristen Stewart $20 million: One basic and major reason why she's making bank...TWILIGHT.

3. Jennifer Aniston $28 million: her name associates with gold. Everyone wants to know and see what she's doing next and it doesn't hurt being one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Hollywood. Everyone wants to see her succeed and be happy, that's why so many people are invested in her.

3. Reese Witherspoon $28 million: This is the sweetheart who not only has a voice in the Hollywood community but is proud to stay classy while her fame grew throughout the years.

1. Angelina Jolie $30 million: One of the most beautiful women in the world that we love to hate. There's no denying that besides her breathtaking beauty, she is a woman who fights for rights around the world.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker $30 million: Besides being a part of the Sex and the City franchise, she is a smart business woman who appeals upon the masses.

So these are your TOP 10!!! Not only are they beautiful and business minded women in the Hollywood world, but they are all WHITE!!! Haha, is there some race issue that needs to be addressed here?! Anyways, to make a name in Hollywood not only do you have to pay your dues, but you need to be an entity outside of that small world and put yourself out there to get that universal appeal.

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