Saturday, July 2, 2011

iPad 2 Jailbreak PDF

It seems the iPad 2 jailbreak Comex created a few short months ago was leaked onto the interwebs overnight. Redmond Pie is reporting that a private beta tester is the one that leaked the new Jailbreak information. Of course – like before – this is completely web based. All you’ll need is the iPad and an internet connection. An image that Comex released via his twitter a few weeks ago showed a man skiing, with a sign that had the letters ‘pdf’ on it – most likely referring to the pdf exploit used in the JailbreakMe tool. The current jailbreak site is the web address – – Looks like a new pdf exploit has worked!
The current ‘release’ is only compatible with iOS 4.3 – so if you have fully updated your iPad 2 to 4.3.3, you’ll have to sit and wait. Now since Comex wasn’t the one that actually released this, and once he is done beating up his beta testers we’ll have to see what he says. I think this might be dangerous – Now that it is out, Apple can dig into the exploit he is using and fix it before it’s official release. If Comex was going to wait until he could port it to the latest and greatest iOS release, this could cause some problems in it’s development.
Hop on inside for a video that will walk you through the process – Remember though, this isn’t an official release, so we’d recommend you completely back up your iPad 2 in case anything goes wrong. But the reports coming in are saying it works, only on 4.3 that is, and it is a real Jailbreak. Let us know in the comments if it has worked for you – Both GSM and CDMA versions.

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