Saturday, July 16, 2011


YES YES YES, TOTAL SHOCKER INDEED!!! Despite their failed marriages [Anthony on his 2nd, and Lopez on her 3rd], they both seemed like they were meant for one another. Not only did they share a Puerto Rican background, but both just complimented each other well. A joint statement to People said, "We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to amicable conclusion on all matters."

But was this marriage headed for an unhappy ending just like their previous relationships? I mean Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez wed literally a few days after his divorce with ex-wife Dayanara Torres whom he had children with. And I shouldn't go into full detail on JLO's love life. She's in and out of relationships too much making it seem like she falls in love too easily.

Celebrity relationships are bound to fail from the start because being constantly scrutinized in the public eye tends to destroy almost every relationship since things get blown out of proportion all the time and false stories make front pages. Now let's take a famous singer like Marc Anthony and put megastar JLO in the mix. Yes they do have a similar foundation, but Jennifer Lopez LOVES the spotlight. I'm not calling her an attention seeker, but the spotlight loves her too. She's the face for many beauty ads, and she is a judge on the biggest show in television American Idol.

Now that she's decided to return for another season, might have been some sort of cause to their marriage troubles. Being in the public spotlight in regards to a highly watched primetime show takes up a lot of time and energy. And let me state the obvious, Jennifer Lopez is a much better looker to her soon-to-be ex-husband. Though their split is very heartbreaking, it makes it worse when there are kids involved, their fraternal twins Max and Emme who are only three years old. We know that Jennifer Lopez has always wanted children and to finally be a mother is a big part of her life. Hopefully a good arrangement can be settled.

Jennifer Lopez, named the year's "Most Beautiful Woman" by People, is as stunning as she was when she first came into the Hollywood scene...I would say even better looking! But with all these failed relationships when it comes to marriage, it seems to me that either she's not willing to work through the tough times in a marriage or that's just not who she is or even what she should be doing. If this was my third failed marriage, yes I would be heartbroken again, but maybe marriage isn't something I would find myself doing again and again. Is it JLO's fault, I don't know but maybe she can consider tapping into the Hollywood trend of basically "being married" without the official piece of paper. Whatever comes out of this, I hope that they still remain in amiable terms and make it work for their children.

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