Saturday, July 2, 2011

Justin Bieber Songs

Although Justin Bieber has carved out his own unique career, Bieber may take a page from New Kids of the Block for his next album, according to producer Jim Jonsin.

In a recent interview with MTV, music producer Jim Jonsin revealed that he has ideas for the next Justin Bieber album that may take Bieber back to the 80s and boy bands like NKOTB and New Edition. "For Bieber," said Jonsin, "I think I want to reach back to New Edition, those days. I want to try to do something like that — 'Please Don't Go Girl,' New Kids on the Block — because the girls would go crazy. Maybe not that song, but something that feels like that: little bit of soul, R&B, but pop as well."
Jim Jonsin also revealed that the entire Justin Bieber album wouldn’t just reflect hits from the 80s since Jonsin is also looking to other artists like former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland for reference. "And then I'd love to put him on something like that 'Motivation' type of track," said Jonsin. “Just a hard beat that he could sing something super slick [on]."
Jim Jonsin went on to say that no matter how things turn out for the next album, he has a newfound respect for Justin Bieber and is honored to work with the young star.

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