Sunday, July 3, 2011

Neha Dhupia

Bollywood hottie Neha Dhupia speaks with on her favourite tablet PC, her film career, forthcoming films and why she thinks camera phones are a bigger threat to privacy than social networking sites.
How has been the journey so far since Femina Miss India Universe 2002? Were you always inclined to have an acting career? Or is it that one thing led to another and finally Bollywood happened?
No, I think a lot of things in my life have happened by chance. It's more of what I have made out of it, rather than being sure in my head of what I wanted to do. I must confess that Bollywood definitely happened by chance to me, but once it did -- I took it up seriously, and made a profession out of it. And it's the best feeling in the world to be enjoying your work and getting paid to do it! It doesn't get better than that.
We know that you use a plethora of gadgets! We just want to know a few of your favourites.
Among all the gadgets that I encounter from morning till night, I must say I rely on my BlackBerry, my computer, my iPad, to really cool DVD players in my car. And I'm fond of some interesting cameras and photography, then my iPod when going for a run. I might sound like I use a lot of them, but I use them mostly for fun.
Our June issue is dedicated to Top 20 Sexiest Women in Technology in the world, besides you! What names would you recommend from India?
I'm not sure; I think it's something really sexy to see women who use gadgets. It's a great brand fit. Plus, I think women who use gadgets are sexier than the ones who do not. I think it's the beautiful women who are still old school, who use pen and paper. And it's the sexy one's who are the techies.
This issue is also our tablets issue. Which tablet would you choose and reasons for the same?
I love the iPad2. The other tablets are pretty cool too, but I'm more of an Apple user -- as it's more user friendly. It's easier to get used to a gadget with a mass following as you will get a solution to an issue that you might get stuck with, rather than having an off-beat tablet that no-one uses. Plus, you can then keep using it more and more, and you get comfortable with it.
Beauty and brain go hand-in-hand -- your thoughts? How is that in contrast with the society more often ruled by the stronger sex?
Well, the first half of your question can be answered by looking at my photographs and reading my interview! No, I'm just kidding -- but, to answer the second half -- I don't think we live in a day and age where there is really a stronger sex. We simply are a bunch of equals who are co-existing, and there is no divide as far as gender is concerned. At least not in the industry where I am working in, maybe it exists in certain places -- but even that is slowing down or coming to an end.
Do you think sex and technology is a lethal combination in this era of social networking without inhibitions?
Social networking is a big boon -- I agree to it. I'm not on Facebook, but I am on Twitter. I am careful about what I post and share, but I must say it's a huge way for me to connect with my audience. It has its own pros and cons like everything, so I believe that everything has a flip side.
Is it difficult to keep a low profile, with so many admirers because of your good looks, especially in the virtual world where you have a considerable following on Twitter?
Well it's very flattering to be on Twitter and have so many followers -- but yes, it can be very unforgiving too. It is an invasion of privacy, but the choice is entirely mine. I can choose not to be on Twitter. But, I think the biggest thing that invades our privacy is still not social networking as much as camera phones are. You can be photographed anywhere and people can upload videos on YouTube. And nobody knows, because these are small and powerful cameras. They are in nobody's control, as it's still their private property.
What's your dream gadget?
I would love to have a gadget that can be worn in high heel shoes, so that it doesn't hurt!
What are your upcoming films? Give us a glimpse of your forthcoming avatars.
I have a film called Gandhi vs Hitler that comes in August, where I play the role of Eva Brown. And then I have a film called Pappu Can't Dance which is a romantic comedy with Vinay Pathak, and is directed by Saurabh Shukla.
If you lose your Mobile phone and laptop together (which is worse than having a nervous breakdown), how would you react?
Well, firstly they are both password-protected, and I'm hoping that people won't be able to hack into it. Secondly, we have a lot of tracking devices -- and I'm pretty clued into it. Plus I always have a back-up, in case of theft or data loss -- so I'm covered from all sides.
Words for the Exhibit readers -- on sexiness, technology and the confluence of the two.
Firstly I'm flattered, to be on the cover of the Top 20 Sexy Women in Technology Globally. It's a huge compliment. Secondly, it's great to be back on the cover of the Magazine once again; clearly I'm loved by the readers! And I hope that you keep reading and enjoying my articles, and it's a great magazine -- I subscribe to it. It keeps me as tech savvy as I should be.

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