Monday, July 11, 2011


First let me do some self-promoting. The ULTA Beauty store just opened up near the South Bay Galleria and I knew I had to check it out. Going in, the store definitely reminded me of Sephora with all it's beauty, skin, and hair products. Since I didn't know exactly what to get, I decided to keep it simple and get some lipsticks. In their cosmetics section, they had a special of buying two getting one free. So I decided to get some Revlon Lipsticks, to be more specific the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks.

CORALBERRY: Since my mom again "misplaced" our coral lipstick from MAC, I was determined to find one. The only bad thing about buying at the store like this is that you can't try the product first before you buy, so it's one big guessing game. I decided on Coralberry because it had that coral shade I was looking for without being too dark or too light. When I tried it on, the color was nice, but I had to put on a lot just so it can go on evenly. It looked a bit cracked on my lips, of course putting lipgloss over made it better. I wish the color was more vibrant right when you put it on.

BLACKBERRY: Of course I got this color since I have a Blackberry phone...duh! Haha. I've been wanting this color for a long, long time. Though it may look really dark from the outside, it applies very nicely! It's a kind of brick red color that shows right away! I absolutely love it! I was kind of nervous about this color, but I think it'll look good on all skin tones. BE THAT LADY IN RED!!!

WILD ORCHID: I may have too many pink lipsticks around ranging in colors, but every girl deserves to be Pretty in Pink! I ended up choosing this color because of it's beautiful vibrant color that pops. When I tried it on, it ended up being my favorite of the three! The color went on so smooth and looked exactly as it did before you put it on. I am totally in love with this color because it screams for attention in a good way. There's nothing better to describe it than a shining magenta color, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

The one thing about Revlon Lipsticks that I was iffy about before was that it doesn't stay on long like MAC lipsticks. Though this may hold true for Coralberry, I think the other two colors will be able to stay on pretty long throughout the day because of it's vibrant colors. Knowing this makes me more confident to buy store cosmetics because I know they won't disappoint! I definitely recommend these colors, every girl needs to have at least one shade of pink, coral, and red! Get your pretty girl rock :)

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