Thursday, July 14, 2011

She Fought The Law (and won) Alert™: A passel of Casey Anthony stories.

Publications: National Enquirer, National Examiner, Globe, Star, In Touch
Date: 25 July 2010

If we ignore the Sun, which is usually about the end of the world, the five meanest gossip rags are the other four published by AMI (National Enquirer, the low rent Examiner, Globe, Star) and In Touch. All five of those have Casey Anthony stories this week. Here are the headlines.
  • In Touch: Casey and her lawyer: getting physical!
  • National Examiner: Casey Anthony verdict: what do you think?
  • Globe: Casey Anthony marked for death!
    Chilling threat targets Monster Mom
  • Star: Casey Anthony ca$hing in (OUTRAGE!)
  • National Enquirer: Casey Anthony Wedding Bombshell
    Secret new life of America's most hated woman
    Another baby to replace Caylee
    $50K plastic surgery makeover
    Where she'll live and more
For a little outrage overspill, the Enquirer has a picture of the judge in the case and a story from his mistress blabbing about his cheating.

This is a lot of stories, but only counts as a single week's coverage by my way of counting. We will see if she remains gossip-worthy as the year continues.

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