Saturday, July 2, 2011


Here's to another Jersey Shore member leaving the shore, but for good this time perhaps?! Vinny is the cast member leaving the show for good due to being "homesick" and having a fight with a fellow cast member.

The Jersey Shore crew just came back from Florence, Italy shooting their fourth season and basically went straight back to the Jersey Shore to film their fifth season.

Supposedly Vinny threatened to leave the house a few days prior feeling "burned out", but the crew convinced him to stay. But now that an argument ensued with a fellow cast mate, it was the breaking point to have him leave the show. He is currently back home in Staten Island.

This story isn't really news since Sammi pulls this trick all the time, but we'll see if Vinny decides to show up again in a few days time. I don't blame him for needing a break though. To film an entire season overseas then bring it back to film straight into the next season is a bit extreme. Though we know these people love to party, there's always a breaking point. By the way, Jersey Shore wouldn't be the same without Vinny, he's so cute and funny.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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