Monday, February 22, 2010

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth the Time?

Whenever I happen to be in a serious relationship, they always end up being long distance. From high school, to before college, to now I cannot say I've had a relationship where I would see my boyfriend on a daily basis. Of course there would be spurts of time, but never really consistently. Out of all the relationships I have had in my past, I am in the toughest situation right about a long distance relationship with someone thousands of miles away!!! But what I've come to realize is that it is possible to make it work. When two people really care for each other, then the impact of long distance is just another challenge to the relationship. There are certainly ways to communicate...Thank You SKYPE!!!, as well as long distance plans, email, aim, facebook.
I honestly thought I'd be so miserable now and though I feel that at times, I believe that person is worth the wait. It can make the relationship stronger, making you appreciate the little things about that other person.
There should be no excuses about how long distance relationships never work, because if you truly wanted them to, it's up to you to make it happen - not the stars people. If you have thoughts on cheating then you should just consider why your even in a relationship.
Long distance relationships really help you focus on what you really want sometimes instead of that other person. It's not thinking selfishly necessarily, but instead of investing time everyday to spend time with them, you actually have time to yourself and focus on your goals.
Being in a long distance relationship is hard, and it requires a great commitment from both parties, but in the end if you truly care for that person it's a great investment.

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