Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Over My Head

Sophomore year I landed an internship at Ocean Magazine as an Editorial Intern. I was so psyched because I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything fashion and being in that industry was something I've dreamed about. My next internship was again in the editorial field as Online Editor Intern for Coast Magazine. This was the perfect opportunity for me to write my own articles, which happened to be posted on their online website. I mean it wasn't exactly material from my own mind, but the basic ideas were mine such as articles about OC related: holiday happenings, perfect winter coats, non-profit organizations, and travel opportunities.
Even though I'm a Business Economics major here at UCI, I still find myself at a stand still. In my Labor Economics course this morning, the topic of where we see ourselves in the future came up. Everyone in my class being the same major as I said business/finance related fields. While this was happening, as I was thinking about was, "I want to be a broadcast journalist."
This feeling of utter confusion suddenly came upon me where I'm questioning where am I going in life? Am I pursuing the right fields? Will my internships actually pay off? Who am I to think I'd actually make it into the media industry?
I just know that my dreams are extraordinary, something alot of people only dream about doing and never coming close to it. I just want to keep working toward my dream so that I could be the person I really want to be. I have so many aspirations and broadcasting and journalism are just a few of them. Is money or happiness more important? This is a question I ask myself while I'm in class. I can two choices: the money route and the happiness route. I know with my degree in Business Economics, there are so many opportunities to make money. I was even pondering the idea of becoming a Financial Analyst, since I know that if I was ever going to pursue a career in my degree, it would have to be a job involved with money. The happiness route earns me a meager starting salary, but an increasing salary over time. But following this path would actually be something I want to do - therefore I would succeed more in this area since I'm so passionate about it.
For the meantime, all I can do in the present is just keep on pursuing my degree while pursuing my dream. Who says you can't do both things at the same time right?

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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