Monday, May 23, 2011

Vancouver Canucks Flasher Lost Her Job! (Video)

The Vancouver Canucks flasher showed off her breasts during the Vancouver Canucks-San Jose Sharks NHL Playoff Game on May 18, 2011. Here is the Vancouver Canucks Flasher Photo:

Vancouver Canucks Flasher Lost Her Job!
The Green Men have officially been one-upped, if that's a word. The two men in green body suits have been fixtures at Vancouver Canucks games, mocking opponents as they sit in the penalty box.

But the two green men have been topped by another pair. A female Vancouver Canucks flasher fan flashed her breasts during Game 2 of the NHL Western Conference Final on May 18, 2011.

The Vancouver Canucks flasher decided to show her wares while Sharks forward Ben Eager sat in the penalty box. The female Canucks fan lifted up her Henrik Sedin jersey and showed off her breasts.

CBC cameras captured the Vancouver Canucks flasher in all her glory, making it the most NSFW moment to air on the network since Joey Jeremiah lost his virginity on Degrassi High.

We're not sure if this Vancouver Canucks flasher fan really gets the point. After all, the goal of fans like the Green Men is to torment opposing players.

If anything, taking off your shirt and exposing your breasts is rewarding your opponents.

For those who care, the Canucks went on to beat the Sharks 7-3 to take a 2-0 lead in the NHL Western Conference Finals.


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