Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps to Use During Commercials

Twitter (free) – Check your Twitter feed and catch up with your social media conversation. Another great thing to do is search for the show you are watching and see what other viewers are saying.

IMDB (free) – Find out more about the show, actors or other people related to your show. IMDB also has showtimes and TV show listings so you can plan your TV viewing for the rest of the night or week or look for a movie to watch so you don’t have to sit at home and watch TV tomorrow night.

Instagram (free) – If you like photos, you will like Instagram. A short commercial break is jus the right amount of time to check out the latest pictures from those you follow. Instagram is kind of like Twitter for photo enthusiasts. Plus the pictures you take can be doctored to look pretty cool with all the filters included. You can select a photo from your camera roll and make it look cool and post it just in time for the show to come back on.iOS Only for now.

IntoNow – This app watches TV with you. It will listen to the audio of the program and offer information about the TV show you are watching. Keep it on between the commercials and then look at the content during the commercials. You can also share your thoughts about the show on Facebook and Twitter from within the app.

Bumpy Road ($2.99) - “A love story on wheels!” That is what the developers call this horizontal scroller. Drive through the environment and change the road by pushing with your finger. The couple in the car is going for a romantic ride and you are tasked with safely getting them through their trip and collecting memories. It can be fun and addictive. If this game doesn’t suit you, pick another one that doesn’t last for a long time. Short quick games are best for commercial distractions. Long games will end up distracting you from the show, not just the commercials. iOS only

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