Monday, May 30, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow strong performance in Country Strong and guest spots in musical drama Glee

ACTRESS Gwyneth Paltrow will be adding two more hyphens to her resume. With the publication of a cookbook and her strong performance in Country Strong and guest spots in musical drama Glee, she is a confirmed actress-author and a wannabe actress-singer-author, depending on the outcome of her negotiations with the record companies on releasing an album.

Paltrow made a high-profile comeback in 2008 with her appearance in the first Iron Man movie as Pepper Potts, the personal assistant and budding love interest of the comic hero. This was after a hiatus of several years to raise her children with husband Chris Martin, frontman for the popular British band Coldplay.

Sensational: Jennifer Lopez is an indefatigable multihyphenate.

In the same year, she did a food show called Spain ... On The road Again, in which she got to show off her knowledge of the Spanish language and which probably sparked her interest in My Father’s Daughter, the title of her cookbook written in tribute to her late father.

The book was released last month to both favourable reviews of her simple recipes and unfavourable comments on her airy, “unintentionally humorous” autobiographical notes in the book.

Those inclined towards the 38-year-old will say that she is multi-talented while the unkind are apt to dismiss her cookbook as a vanity publication. Hers is a common story among stars who branch out from their comfort zone.

Many celebrities are keen to cross over to new gigs – actors going into singing and vice versa – despite the difficulties involved and even though most never quite make it in the new field. Those who do succeed are in a good place earning good money.

Jennifer Lopez comes to mind as an indefatigable, and successful, multihyphenate. She is one of the few who straddled both acting and singing successfully for many years, even though fans often see her as a singer first and an actress second.

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