Saturday, May 28, 2011

Men hide behind an injunction and it's the girl who winds up getting hated. It is unfair

Gags aren't funny ... Divine Brown is not a fan of injunctions

THE rich and famous men who hide behind super-injunctions while leaving their lovers to hang out to dry have been slammed - by a woman who should know.

Divine Brown, the LA hooker who infamously got caught performing a sex act on actor Hugh Grant, said:"Getting an injunction and hiding their own name while the women get slandered is just terrible.
The case of Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas - who is being publicly abused for her fling with married Ryan Giggs - has further fuelled Divine's rage.
Imogen, 28, is powerless to put her full side of the story because of a super-injunction taken out by the footballer.

Divine added: "These days women like Imogen should stand up for themselves. We have to take all the heat and the men act like we don't exist.

"Next thing you know we've got hate mail, we're liars. It'sjust straight-up bulls**t. We don't want our names shamed and slandered.

"I'd tell Imogen to hang in there, be strong. Hopefully one day we can meet and talk because I understand what she's going through.
"My heart goes out to her. Stay strong, sweet girl - and be more careful who you fall in love with.

"I believe when you've been busted, stand up and be counted.Own up and take responsibility."
However, Imogen's case is very different to Divine and Grant's and there is no suggestion whatsoever that Imogen was ever involved in prostitution.

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