Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Times Call For Cool Air Conditioners

Temperatures above 90 degrees require air conditioners.
People are looking not only for a cool answer to hot weather, but convenience, too. There are window units alreay around but more people prefer portable air conditioners because they can be moved from one room to another easily. Although you still needs to be closer to a window. This is very simple to hook up a portable air conditioner.
"Your hose locks on the back of the unit. Just stick it in and give it a turn counter-clockwise. This hose is 3 feetlong. A built-in evaporator evaporates the water out the hose. Also, if you've got a sliding window, you can put it in the window vertically.
Many units include dehumidifiers, air cleaners and remote controls -- features to help cool down those hot days.
Portable air conditioners can run anywhere from$300 on up. Regardless of what kind of air conditioning unit you buy, bigger isn't necessarily better. Check the size of the room you want to air condition. If the air conditioning unit is too strong for the room, you could be wasting money.

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