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Are you tired of not knowing what or who to expect when you check out the night life?! Well let me tell you, I am! It's such a waste to put so much effort on your physical appearance when there's going to be no one there to impress. NOW SAY HELLO TO RED CUP, AN INNOVATIVE APP THAT KEEPS YOU CONNECTED WITH ANYONE AT THE SOCIAL VENUE YOU'RE AT. Not only can a certain individual anticipate the type of crowd who would be in attendance, but at any of the social venues, you can make friends! No more awkward crew of two, you can find similarities to the person sitting next to you, therefore creating a community that connects complete strangers. What's also great is that this app is FREE and the user can control what they choose to share with others. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THEIR EFFORT ON THIS GREAT APP FOR THE PEOPLE AND CHECK OUT THEIR KICKSTARTER SITE FOR MORE INFO!!!

I chatted with one of the Red Cup team members Chad McDaniel and he answered a lot of questions you may have inquiries about. Read on and don't forget to check their video so you can see the guys in real time!!!

Why is the idea different?

"The way social networking works presently revolves around the individual, not the venue. Even location based social networking sites focus on the person (Grindr , Loopt, etc.). RedCup shifts focus onto the venue and creates a community of users in every venue (club, bar, lounge) every night of the week. This community allows you to communicate with everyone else in that venue that you might not have known before. This provides a very social network based on meeting new people, not chatting with people you already know. In this way, RedCup is the most social site."

What inspired the idea?

"One night my roommate and I went to a Cambridge, MA bar called Middlesex and thought it would be amazing to be able to leave there and talk to people who were in Middlesex with us that night after we leave. The idea then expanded to include everything nightlife related, and allows members to communicate with others while at the venue and before arrival to create a totally connected group of patrons.

The name is meant to give a feeling of fun and partying, and in many of our histories, those fun and party filled times involved red cups."

What made you Push this idea forward

"The need in the market for an app such as this helped us get the motivation to go forward. This app is one that we each believe in and look forward to using ourselves once the beta version is complete, and that helps to fuel our progression. The newness of the app field was also fascinating, and in this we see great opportunity to make a real difference in how people communicate and make the world more interactive."

Future of the App

"Ideally we envision this app revolutionizing nightlife, then expanding to everyday use. The interactivity of the users of RedCup with the venues themselves creates an unparalleled app that greatly enhances the potential of people to meet one another while out. Ultimately the goal is to make it where no man or woman would envision going out without using RedCup to see who is coming and talk to those already there."

What to gain from the venture

"Individually we just want to create something cool, that helps connect the world and connects people that have similar interest who may not have had a platform to speak to each other before."

What makes you sure the app will work out

"The confidence that people will use this app rest in the fact that people love people. We have done expansive research that points all signs to go. Check-ins are up each month, and we are just taking it a step further. Check-ins and mobile apps are so new to Silicon Valley, but have great potential, especially when considering the human psyche. The nightlife industry has seen an increase in patrons over the last 2 years as well, which is reassuring.

This app will have real lasting power because it brings people to you, instead of you having to search for people. It is evident that people enjoy communication with one another, and this app, more than most any other allows that. Popular apps focus on interaction with people one already knows, but fail to allow people an opportunity to get to know others. This is where RedCup differs."

Safety and privacy

"There are great privacy controls that will decrease the risk of dangerous people. Each system allows users to assume a certain amount of risk in their on line interactions, and dangers are real, but our safety measures are strong.

Having three law students be co-founders of the RedCup helps to make us very precautious as to how we can protect people. That knowledge gives of a chance to make sure the rules are completely compliant as to encourage the utmost amount of safety."

Word Out
"At this stage word of mouth and social media are the best options, because we haven’t released the app to the public. Once the app is live, we have some launch parties ready as well as more traditional methods like magazine and radio advertisement. There will also be street teams in Boston, La, and Vegas.

After kickstarter funding and the creation of the full beta version, we will go the Venture Capital Route so as to put the app in as many hands as possible."

Is the App Free

"The app will be free to everyone, but those users who sign up early or often will have special privileges and badges that enable them to take part in early events and/or promotions."

Places the app will reach

"Each and every club, bar, or music venue will be attached to this app. If there is a venue not on the app, the user can add it, and it becomes an official venue. If a club, the venue becomes permanent, if a house party, a couple of days."

Typical User of the App

"There is not typical user; this app is for everyone, and for anyone who is interested in meeting new people in the places they go. The range is broad enough to appeal to the weekly clubber, to the occasional one who is more interested in seeing where users are concentrated. The app is expansive enough to be in Hollywood or Vegas, as well as small mid-west bars or east coast pubs. Each of these places has a specific demographic and RedCup can appeal to them all."

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