Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Basketball Wives' Season 3 premiere bonus clip: Meeka trashes Royce because she was a dancer

Basketball Wives " returned last night with its Season 3 premiere -- and it picked up right where all the drama left off last season: Everyone's mad at Royce, Tami hates Evelyn and Shaunie pretty much stays out of it all.

Fans were also introduced to a new Wife: Meeka, who'smarried to former Golden State Warrior player-turned-scout Speedy Claxton .

In a bonus clip that VH1 didn't air, Meeka dines with her husband and gives him the lowdown on all the ladies, namely Royce, a former Orlando Magic and Miami Heat dancer, who hasa child with Magic center Dwight Howard -- a big no-no to the Wives.
"I think what bothers me most about Royce is she was a dancer," Meeka tells Speedy. "She crossed the line. I don't know how I can be a wife and be her friend. You know how I feel about stuff like that."

Although Meeka and Royce did have a face-to-face meeting in the premiere, it was hardly a showdown of Wife vs Dancer.

"Ok, it was a rule you're not supposed to fraternize with players," Royce says to Meeka. "However, you can't really tell someone who they can and cannot be with."

Meeka must quickly get her claws out because in a preview for the season, she seems to have dove head-first into the catfights.
"Meeka is a trouble-maker," Tami says matter of factly.

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