Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yesterday I watched the much anticipated film HANGOVER 2 and was just as insane as the first movie! It's hard for hard-core dirty comedies to have two great movies back to back that are on the same level, but it definitely hits the spot on making you laugh and taking your mind off the blues [trust me I know about that very well...]

This time around Stu [Ed Helms] is about to get married to his wife in Thailand because that's where most of her family is from. Since being roofied in Vegas, Stu just wants a regular life: to be a dentist and to marry his soon to be wife. His idea of a Bachelor Party is at IHOP, because he is trying to avoid another Hangover episode at all costs. With the encouragement of his fiance and the boys, they decide to go out by the bonfire and have one beer...

The Wolfpack [Stu, Phil {Bradley Cooper}, and Alan {Zach Galifianakis}] then find themselves in the same situation, but this time in Bangkok, and what's worse is that Stu's fiance's little brother is missing. So they have to backtrack their way to find where he is in time for the wedding before it's too late and BANGKOK HAS HIM NOW.


This movie is ridiculously hilarious, you are laughing out loud the whole time. The entire movie is very shocking and has many surprising twists that will keep you in awe the entire length of the film. Definitely a blockbuster hit!!!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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