Sunday, May 29, 2011

Police Cap May Land Nadila Ernesta in Prison

Movie actress Nadila Ernesta may face prison because of risque photos taken of her wearing a police cap.
Nadila's manager, Didi, refused to comment on the photos that have gone viral on the Internet over the last few days.
“I can't say anything yet. We are still looking for more information about those photos,” Didi told news portal
Nadila has starred in movies such as “Hantu Rumah Ampera” (“Ghost of Ampera House”) and “Miracle.”
On Monday, the National Police Spokesman Insp. Gen. Anton Bahrul Alam said the police would start investigating harassment allegations that had arised because of the photos.
“She can be charged with article 307 of the Criminal Code for harassing the police institution,” Anton said.
“We are so disappointed [with the photos] but we arestill investigating if the photos were made on purpose or edited. It is possible that the photos were manipulated using a computer.”

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