Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Bird Alert™: Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively.

Publications: People, Us Weekly, Weekly Life & Style
Date: 6 June 2011

Plenty of stories about a new couple this week. Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer dating supermodel Bar Refaeli, but has been seen in Cannes with actress Blake Lively. Here are the headlines.
  • People: Blake and Leo - heating up
  • Weekly Life & Style: Why Leo chose Blake Lively over a supermodel
  • Us Weekly: Blake and Leo - a new romance

It's easy to think of Leo as a kid, but in fact he's 36. Since they are in Cannes, it's only fair to bring up the Sophisticated French Rule. Half his age plus seven is 25.

Bar Refaeli is 25. Blake Lively is 23. If this was a trade in for youth, it's a bad sign.

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