Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cane Corso Mastiff Fatally Mauls Boy, But Dog Is Not To Blame

Jones with another one of his killer (and abused) dogs taken from his Facebook page.

A 4-year-old Brooklyn boy was tragically mauled to death on Friday night by the family dog. Young Jayelin Graham was attacked by the dog as his 2- and 5-year-old brothers (who were also injured) watched in horror from underneath the bed. His mother, Saquina Jubeark had stepped out of the apartment into the hall with her infant daughter when the dog grabbed onto the boy’s neck and never let go.

A neighbor ran in when she heard the mother’s shrieks, but was unable to even get close to the dog who had gone into a full blown killing mode. Whatever caused the Cane Corso Mastiff to attack is unclear but neighbors were not surprised. They say the dog which belonged to the mother’s boyfriend, Damian Jones was trained tokill. Jones had bragged aboutthat fact many times.

Neighbors report that the family home was a disaster waiting to happen for more reasons than this dog alone.
The first-floor family home housed the Cane Corso, two other dogs, two birds and fish in a midst of filth along with 4 young children.
The NY Post reports that neighbors said Jones “routinely punched and kicked his feared canine collective — a pit bull, a husky mix and the cane-corso mix.” When people would ask breed of dogs they were, he’d reply “monster dogs.” Jones was a fan of When Animals Attack” on Facebook page.

The homeis said to have had “putrid smell as flies hovered over dog feces in every room. A giant parrot cage rose four feet high in the center of the living room. Motorcycle wheels were stacked in the kitchen.”

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