Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 5 Android Apps Apps to Use During Commercials

All of the above, except Bumpy Road and Instagram, are also available on Android. Here are five more apps for Android.

Amazon App Store (free) – The best way to discover more apps is to get another app store. You will have to load this one manually through the browser. Amazon offers some great apps, often at a discount compared to the Android Market. They also have their daily free app. Make it a habit of checking the Amazon App Store during a commercial break. Android only
Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds (free – $.99 from Amazon) – Everyone’s favorite game is also on Android. There are a number of different versions so follow the link to get one or all of these variations. In case you’ve been watching too much TV and haven’t paid attention to the Internet, Angry Birds is a game where you fling birds at the little pigs in various shaped fortresses trying to bring down their house and kill those snickering pigs. It is more fun than it sounds.

Texts From Last Night ($.99) – It can be a lot of fun to revel in the pain of others. This app collects some of the most insane and ridiculous texts that people have sent in varying degrees of inebriation and mental incapacitation. You can also submit texts you have sent or received.

TweetCaster for Twitter (free or $4.99) – If you don’t like the official Twitter app, this is a good alternative. It is one of the most popular Twitter apps for Android and has both a free version and a paid version without the ads. You can just check your feed or interact with other TV show watchers.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball (free) – If you are like me, you occasionally get stuck watching a show you don’t really enjoy all in the name of romantic harmony. A good way to deal with this is get a sports fix during the Dancing with the Stars commercials – just the commercials right?

For equal opportunity, maybe you are stuck watching sports and would rather be checking your favorite pastime, whatever it may be. Find an app for that. We like sports and baseball is the national pastime. Sub in your favorite sport depending on the time of year and we are confident there is an appropriate app.

All of the above, except for the Amazon App Store, are also available on the iPhone.

Living room image from US National Archives on Flickr.

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