Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelor Party

If your fiancée does this, then you need to have a talk with your fiancée.
Kim Kardashian, the reality television star, and her hubby, the NBA player Kris Humphries, both went out over the weekend to celebrate their impending nuptials.
Before they did, they promised not to see each other during their respective parties, both held at Las Vegas nightclubs.
But Ms. Kardashian decided to break that vow.
After her bachelorette party was well under way, Ms. Kardashian, 30, decided to go to the nearby club to see what Mr. Humphries, 26, and the gang were up to around 2 a.m.
“After getting over the shock of seeing his fiancée on guy’s night, Humphries kissed his future bride delicately before picking her up to smooch her in full view of the club,” reports People magazine.
Ms. Kardashian reportedly stuck around for about 10 minutes with Mr. Humphries and a group that included her brother and NBA player Lamar Odom, who is married to one of her sisters.
A handful of commenters have taken their kiss to be proof that Mr. Humphries was fine with his fiancée’s party-crashing. Maybe he was, but that doesn’t make it right, does it?
Perhaps it’s merely a sign that she loves him so much she can’t bear to be away from him. Perhaps it’s a sign she doesn’t want him having too much fun, or doesn’t trust him. But it’s definitely a broken promise, and it seems like both a bride-to-be or husband-to-be would be justified in being just a tad ticked off if their significant other crashed their bachelorette orbachelor party after swearing not to.

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